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Hot Air Ballooning Adelaide, South Australia (SA)

Located just an hour from Adelaide, SA, the Barossa Valley is a land famous for it's patchworks of colored fields with their rich soils. These rich soils are responsible for the wineries which deliver some world renowned wines. It is a wonderful place to breathe the fresh air, enjoy the sounds and sights of nature and of course share quality time. You can drive through some of the Barossa Valley but you are restricted to roads and are limited to how much of it you can cover.

A hot air balloon on the other hand is a completely different experience all together. This is the best way to see and appreciate the beauty, diversity and size of the Barossa Valley. In an open basket, passengers float with the wind so the flight is quiet and still.

Since the balloons fly very early in the morning, the winds are light and carry the balloons slowly, giving a sense of gently floating and allowing you to absorb the moment and the scenery. The balloons fly high, providing you with a good idea of the magnitude of the area then low enough to take a closer look and even see and hear wildlife below. Watching the sun rise over the horizon and spilling its rays over the land presents a spectacular show of natural light that changes the colors and hues of everything it touches.

This truly unique experience is a memory that will be cherished by all who partake forever. Your loved ones will be touched and awestruck making this the perfect way to declare milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, exam completions or simply for the sake of celebrating life and each other.

How romantic drifting in the sky with that special someone can be. On top of the world, is the perfect place to show someone how much they mean to you, maybe perhaps even the place to pop that big question!

Adelaide Hot Air Ballooning
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Adelaide Hot Air Ballooning
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